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Chevrolet And Lego Celebrated "The Lego Batman Movie" With A Life-Sized Lego Batmobile

Built using more than 340,000 LEGO® bricks and measuring 17 feet long, the LEGO® Batmobile from Chevrolet has been designed to strike fear in the heart of any villain. The vehicle is inspired by Batman’s Speedwagon featured in “The LEGO® Batman Movie,” which hits U.S. theatres on February 10, 2017

[Photos: courtesy of Chevrolet]

WHAT: A 17' long Batmobile made entirely of Lego bricks was unveiled on Saturday in Detroit.

WHO: Chevrolet, students from Detroit's Cody Rouge, A World In Motion, and the First Lego League.

WHY WE CARE: Anytime you build anything that weighs 1,695 pounds and stretches 17' long out of 344,187 Lego bricks, you've got our attention. The fact that this is a Batmobile helps seal the deal—as does the fact that it's tied to The Lego Batman Movie, which looks like one of the more bonkers films of 2017. The film is super irreverent toward both the Batman property and Lego, which is probably a good sign for how entertaining it'll be, and the fact that the marketing around it is also pretty silly (the Lego Batmobile has its own customizable page on Chevy's website, allowing you to create one in "12 deep colors ranging from Midnight Black to Smokey Black," though sadly your final creative product is not available for purchase) bodes well for us not getting sick of hearing about it, either.