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These Are The Most Tasteless Pop Culture Halloween Costumes of 2016

Do not wear these costumes this Halloween. Harley Quinn is fine, and so is Ken Bone, but the world doesn't need an army of Sexy Harambe.

  • 01 /11 | Hillary in Prison

    We get it--you're voting for Trump. Maybe find some other way to express that than by suggesting the opposition should be jailed.

  • 02 /11 | Sexy Donald Trump

    If nothing else, Sexy Donald Trump forces conservatives and liberals to consider whether Trump perhaps engages in Trump-themed cosplay in the bedroom.

  • 03 /11 | Killer Clown

    'Killer clown' is practically its own genre of costume, but this year, it's topical because of actual clown menace. Not only will you scare people while walking around outside, you might get arrested .

  • 04 /11 | Sexy Burka

    Following all the hubbub over burkinis in recent months, some might be tempted to try on a sexy burka for size. At a time of rampant islamophobia in the U.S. and abroad, the answer is no.

  • 05 /11 | Zika virus

    While fear of the Zika virus seems to have quelled a bit recently, it's not cute to remind people of it.

  • 06 /11 | Sexy Harambe

    Jokes about the slain ape of the Cincinnati Zoo had their moment but then they lingered until eventually it was clear that people were mostly laughing at an unfamiliar name. (Or worse)

  • 07 /11 | Donald wall-builder

    Either you really do want Trump to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, or your making fun of him--either way, this costume screams "I am no fun to talk to"

  • 08 /11 | Donald Taco Trump

    See notes for the previous costume.

  • 09 /11 | Catholic Homer Simpsons

    This costume has more potential to confuse than offend--why, exactly, is Homer Simpson the pope?--but maybe don't wear it anyway?

  • 10 /11 | Pig cop

    Aside from this costume being an invitation for cops to harass you, it is a tasteless way of putting a light, goofy spin on all the unarmed black men and women killed by police in the last few years.

  • 11 /11 | Crying Jordan meme

    The Crying Jordan meme costume will never be as funny as the meme itself. It's also sort of blackface. So nope.

The best feeling in the world is having a Halloween costume epiphany at some point between April and August. It is assurance that there will be no 11th-hour scrambling to throw something together, followed by many apologetic explanations of your "dead blogger" costume. However, there is an opposite feeling to anticipatory glee of knowing your costume early on, and that's realizing too late that you screwed up and put together the kind of costume that makes you a party pariah. Sometimes it's hard to see how tasteless your costume is until everybody else sees it, and then slowly shakes their heads.

Yesterday, BuzzFeed reported that California-based outfitters, Costumeish, had begun selling a getup entitled "Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit." The costume was clearly meant to be Kim Kardashian, who is still reportedly reeling from her recent Parisian heist robbery.

Taste may be subjective—one person's "edgy" is another person's 1000-foot fall off a cliff—but there doesn't seem to be much that is funny about that costume. Bill Maher dressing as stingray-killed Steve Irwin a month after the man's death was only slightly less egregious, because at least in that case the bleak irony of the Crocodile Hunter dying in the line of duty was so thick, you almost had to laugh. But whether it was funny or not, it was in poor taste. Bill Maher is just a kind of person who doesn't much care about his perception. (Often to his detriment.)

For anyone who does care about such things, though, Co.Create has assembled some of the most tasteless costumes available for Halloween 2016. Harley Quinn is fine, and so is Sexy Ken Bone—which is a real thing that exists—but the world doesn't need an army of Harambe. Avoid these costumes unless you want to be ghosted for the next party.