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Patton Oswalt Takes The White House In Weezer's Patriotic Video

WHAT: A patriotic new video from Weezer and special guest comedian Patton Oswalt.

WHO: The very-difficult-to-Google directing team, SCANTRON and No. 2 Pencil.

WHY WE CARE: Emmy win aside, Patton Oswalt has had a horrible year. It's somewhat cathartic, though, to see him prance around the (fake) oval office in full stars-and-stripes regalia and go America all over everyone's asses. Weezer's latest video, for the vaguely EDM-y ballad "I Love The USA," has the uplifting premise of unleashing the comedian in the White House to shred his ax and offer some primo John Mayer guitar-face. At a time when the political conversation requires a trigger warning for victims of sexual abuse, this is the release we all need.