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Chance the Rapper Is All Dressed Up For Halloween And Here To Sell Kit Kat Bars

WHAT: A Halloween-themed ad for Kit-Kat.

WHO: The ad stars 23-year-old hip-hop wunderkind Chance the Rapper as himself.

WHY WE CARE: With the kind of year Chance the Rapper is having, mainstream domination seemed like a strong possibility—and starring in candy ads where he dresses adorably in a bear costume and whispers to himself from a candy wrapper (as in, like, "Chance the Wrapper") is the exact sort of move he should be making if he wants to supplant Snoop Dogg for the title of "every suburban grandma's favorite rapper." The ad is a quick one at thirty seconds—just enough to set up the Rapper/(W)rapper pun, let Chance croon a piano-ballad rendition of the "give me a break / break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar" song, and then get out with a charming smile, establishing him as someone with enough presence to be on our screens for a long time to come.