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Vice Media Announces Plans For New "Advocacy-Driven" Channel Called Vice Impact

Set to launch this winter, the media giant will aim to bring nonprofit, brands, and reporters together with the new effort.

Vice Media Announces Plans For New "Advocacy-Driven" Channel Called Vice Impact

Still from VICE on HBO Our Rising Oceans (Season 3, Episode 1)

[Photo: courtesy of Vice/HBO]

WHAT: The impending launch of Vice Impact, a new channel that focuses on issues-oriented journalism, with an editorial and a video component.

WHO: Vice Impact will launch in the coming months in partnership with and Speakable, and they'll be working with organizations including the United Nations Foundation, UN SDSN, Water Defense, The Solutions Project, the Alexandra Soros Foundation, The Pratt Foundation, Project Everyone, Global Citizen and RED. Vice's Katherine Keating will be publisher of the new channel.

WHY WE CARE: Vice is booming right now, and this is another clear indication of what they plan to do with the increased investment after the launch of its Viceland cable channel. It's a further commitment to covering social issues that the company made its name reporting: the refugee crisis, climate change, social justice protests around police violence in the U.S., and more. Vice has done a good job with that, and Keating said in a statement that with Impact, they have big ambitions to do even more in that world. "With the full support of Vice and the energy and convictions of our audience around the world, I truly believe that we have the potential to build the most ambitious advocacy platform available in the media today."

While no specific date has been set, the company expects the new channel to launch this winter.