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Spotify And Tinder Partner So You Don't Have To Ask "What Music Do You Like" Anymore

That'll let you skip like 30% of the pre-date conversation.

WHAT: "Tinder Anthem," a new feature on the ubiquitous dating service that allows users to showcase "that one single track that tells your story."

WHO: Tinder, in partnership with Spotify.

WHY WE CARE: As Bumble users already know, 30% of all pre-date conversations when you're in the target Tinder demographic seems to revolve around "what kind of music do you listen to," so this partnership—which not only allows users to pick a "Tinder Anthem" to highlight their favorite song of the moment, but also shows the artists you have in common with each other user. That means that you can bond over your shared love of the Butthole Surfers or Nashville Pussy without having to, you know, say "Butthole Surfers" or "Nashville Pussy" to a prospective romantic partner, and it also means that you're not going to be outed on your secret Taylor Swift obsession unless you're swiping into a person who also drives around singing "Style" at the top of their voice. Notch another one up to our automated future making things better for the rest of us.

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