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Quick Hit

Diddy Reflects On A Lifetime Of Hustling To Inspire You . . . To Drink Ciroc

Sean Combs wants his experience from paper boy to music mogul to encourage others to keep striving.

WHAT: A walk down hustle memory lane with Sean "Diddy" Combs for Ciroc.

WHO: Ciroc, 72andSunny New York

WHY WE CARE: It may be the ultimate hustle for Combs to use his lifetime of hustling—from running four paper routes to becoming a music mogul—as the hero story in an ad for a brand in which he is a vested partner. No need to hire a spokesman or celebrity, or craft a pseudo-authentic brand story, when Diddy can just use himself. The use of archival footage from his early heydays with Biggie and beyond, to parting with DJ Khaled and surveying his accomplishments in a white silk robe, combined with Diddy's best Tony Robbins impression stylishly sets the tone for Ciroc as an aspirational brand. The moral of the story is to keep working hard, follow your dreams (and it never hurts to hitch your wagon to a rare generational talent, and ride that wave 'til you have a yacht). Business, man.

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