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Doctors Without Borders Wants You To Know Exactly Where Your Donation Dollars Go

A new campaigns asks you to put your pen to good so heroic doctors can save lives already.

WHAT: A new PSA for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders, Canada, an international, independent, medical humanitarian relief organization.

WHO: Doctors Without Borders, john st. Toronto, director Olivier Staub

WHY WE CARE: Foreign aid is a pretty abstract concept, particularly when it comes to encouraging individuals to donate. Typical appeals have their way with your heartstrings, guilting you into giving a damn and a dollar (children with flies on their face, anyone?). And when well-meaning people do give, they're usually left wondering what, exactly, their $5, $10 or $25 monthly donation is being used for.

MSF, an international, independent, medical humanitarian relief organization, wanted to show just how essential the support of its donors is. The new PSA "Scalpel" illustrates the difficult conditions and lack of basic supplies its doctors face while trying to save lives in some of the most difficult environments.

By tracing backwards from a makeshift field hospital where doctors are missing a surgical essential, all the way back to a would-be donor in Canada, john st. created a piece that aptly uses symbolism to connect exactly how these donations are put to good use, all over the world.