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Our First Look At Tom Ford's "Nocturnal Animals" Proves To Have Been Worth The Wait

WHAT: The first trailer for Nocturnal Animals, a new thriller due out this year that scored big at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year.

WHO: Jake Gyllenhall, Amy Adams, and Michael Shannon star in the second film from fashion designer Tom Ford.

WHY WE CARE: Well, Jake Gyllenhaal + Amy Adams + Michael Shannon + Tom Ford, basically, especially in a movie as well-received as Nocturnal Animals has been on the festival circuit. Ford hasn't directed a film since 2009's critically beloved A Single Man (which earned Colin Firth an Oscar nomination), but that film had enough style and heft for at least three movies, so it probably all balances out. The trailer ratchets up the tension, giving us fleeting glimpses at what appears to be a pretty ugly web of violence and betrayal ensnaring Adams, Gyllenhaal, Shannon, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Consider us suitably intrigued.