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This Short Film On NYC Buskers Turns Into A Surprise Thank-You From JetBlue

The brand teamed with VH1 to shine a spotlight on a few of the people who give the city its soundtrack.

WHAT: A short film on New York City street musicians that turns into a surprise thank-you from the airline.

WHO: JetBlue, VH1, Rokkan

WHY WE CARE: If you live in New York long enough, the sounds of the city start to fade into the background. On the corner, in the subway stations, in the parks. Street musicians are everywhere. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes kids slaying the keyboards in the middle of the day and why aren't they in school? But there's no denying what they add to the fabric of the urban experience. That's something JetBlue is trying to tap into here, while also towing the line on the recent marketing trend of airlines giving away free sh*t in every ad campaign. Just surprised United didn't come up with it first. The film itself is a bit of a long walk for a ham sandwich, but giving away free travel for a year to some of the city's hardest working artists is a fun idea and a gesture most of us can appreciate. Just don't break out that banjo on the plane.

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