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Quick Hit

David Ortiz Takes His Jerky Everywhere With This Insane Snack Drone

The JerkyBot aims to perfect the hovering of dried meat snacks. What could possibly go wrong?

WHAT: Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz hypes the JerkyBot, a probably fake drone-powered cutting board to hold and safely serve you tasty Chef’s Cut Real Jerky wherever you go.

WHO: Thinkmodo, Chef’s Cut Real Jerky

WHY WE CARE: First of all, having your snacks—jerky or otherwise—follow you around drone-style is some next level munchies management. Dominos may be messing with drone delivery, but this is much more personal. Of course the logistics of walking around with this thing are almost too many to contemplate, but we're too distracted by FLYING SNACKS to care about that right now. Besides, it was made by the same people who brought us Devil Baby, so it has to be legit, right?