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Least Creative Thing Of The Day: Florida Walmart Erects Twin Towers Of Soda For 9/11

This soda display at a Walmart in Florida is something we may never forget.

September 11th is not a holiday. As it recedes further into the past, it remains either a day of respectful remembrance or just another day. What it should not be is the same opportunity for huge savings or weird pandering as, say, Presidents Day or Christmas. That never stops brand, though. Every year, it's just comes down to degrees of shamelessness. This year, Walmart is an early favorite to trump them all.

In a display that makes the infamous SpaghettiOs Pearl Harbor tweet look like Frank Oz's eulogy for Jim Henson, a Florida Walmart has erected twin towers of Coca-Cola. This tribute not merely in poor taste, it's the ultimate crude metaphor for what it is—a brand literally recreating a disaster in its own image. If there's any justice, it will prove to be a PR disaster for the heavily flag-waving mega-corporation.

[via Uproxx]

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