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Virgin Atlantic Tells Brits To "Get Out Of The Office"

Working when you could be on vacation? Don't be that person.

WHAT: A new retro-style Virgin Atlantic ad that gives a bizarre sales pitch for the office as a holiday destination, all to encourage British workers to take their full annual vacation allocation.

WHO: Virgin Atlantic, Adam&EveDDB

WHY WE CARE: Would you swap several days of restful vacation for working at a grimy office, staring at the parking lot instead of the majestic ocean? You’re saying, "No," but chances are, most of us have done this at one time or another. In fact, research shows that a third of British workers do not take their full annual vacation allocation.

To illustrate just how insane this is, Virgin Atlantic has created a spoof film, reviewing some of the "delights" available at a typical British office—there are no indoor slides or gluten-free snacks here. The 90-second film includes a voiceover by Judith Chalmers, veteran host of U.K. travel show, Wish You Were Here...? which ran from the mid-1970s until 2003. No self-respecting Brit booked a package holiday in the '80s without Chalmers’s endorsement.