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Pharrell Williams Has Deep Thoughts As New G-Star Raw Campaign Creative Director

WHAT: Pharrell Williams goes deep into G-Star's headquarters for the brand's new fall/winter campaign.

WHO: G-Star

WHY WE CARE: This is the first look at G-Star's Fall/Winter 2016 campaign, the first under Pharrell as the company’s Head of Imagination, and a handful of months after joining the company as a co-owner back in February. The clothing design is one thing, but the copywriting does nothing to dispel the fashion-brand-cliche of faux profound gibberish. With a tone and look typically reserved for ads on solving environmental issues and disease, we hear Williams wax philosophical:

"What's underneath
That human texture
Something that can't be replicated
Something that's supernatural
We're just trying to do things that lead by example
As an artist these are the things you dream of
The real definition of raw is what's under it
It doesn't get any more pure than that

Wait, we're talking about jeans, right?