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Formula One Legend Sir Jackie Stewart Doesn't Drink Heineken In New Heineken Ad

The beer brand kicks off its F1 sponsorship at this weekend's Italian Grand Prix with an anti-drunk-driving message.

WHAT: Anti-drunk-driving spot, "When you drive, never drink," launching Heineken’s Formula One sponsorship, featuring racing veteran Sir Jackie Stewart.

WHO: Heineken, Publicis Italy

WHY WE CARE: "Who do you think you are, Jackie Stewart?" has for decades been the standard greeting from traffic cops to those who have had the misfortune to be pulled over for speeding in Scotland. Sir Jackie aka "The Flying Scot" was and is a sporting icon in his home country, having won the F1 Championship in 1969, 1971 and 1973, arguably its most glamorous era.

In this new ad to mark the beginning of Heineken’s F1 sponsorship, Stewart is seen trackside in his heyday, declining bottles of Heineken being offered to him by an array of people who have joined him by way of special effects and smart editing. The spot ends in the present day with Stewart still refusing to partake before he steps into his very swish ride. It's fitting that Heineken should choose Sir Jackie for this campaign, since he’s been an outspoken and frankly, rather belligerent, campaigner for driver safety for many years.