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Kids Turn Into Iconic Canadian Legends In This World Cup of Hockey Hype Ad

Scotiabank scores some nostalgic Canadiana for the upcoming NHL-sponsored tournament.

WHAT: Legendary goals by Bobby Orr, Mario Lemieux, Lanny McDonald, and Paul Henderson are re-enacted by kids for Scotiabank's sponsorship of the World Cup of Hockey tournament.

WHO: Scotiabank, Bensimon Byrne

WHY WE CARE: Okay sure, none of these kids would even really know who any of these hockey icons are—the last one to retire from the NHL was Lemieux, and that was in 2006—but it'll sure bring a single tear to the eyes of their parents. This is basically the Canadian equivalent of American kids re-enacting Michael Jordan's "The Shot," Larry Bird's infamous steal, a Kareem skyhook, and a Pete Maravich play. Here hockey fans older than 30 will recognize Bobby Orr's flying goal, Lanny McDonald (and his glorious 'stache) helping the Calgary Flames win the 1989 Stanley Cup, one of Lemieux's best goals ever, and Henderson's 1972 Summit Series winner. The only way this could tap into more Canadian stereotypes is if it were beavers and lumberjacks playing hockey while apologizing to each other profusely. Well, that or fighting superheroes.