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Russell Westbrook Takes Off (And Throws Some Shade) In New Jordan Brand Ad

Hmm, wonder who he could be talking about running away? cough Kevin Durant cough!

WHAT: Russell Westbrook stars in a new Jordan Brand ad that harkens back to the original 1985 Air Jordan commercial, while taking a subtle dig at a recently departed former teammate.

WHO: Jordan Brand, Wieden+Kennedy New York

WHY WE CARE: So of course this commercial looks cool, and it's for the new Air Jordan XXXI, which takes design cues from the original Air Jordan (something sneakerheads will no doubt be drooling over). But perhaps the best part about this ad is how it's a modern take on an established classic (kind of like the sneaker itself). Here we have the good ol' reliable epic feel of any Wieden+Kennedy ad for Nike or Jordan Brand, combined with some very direct references to the past (airplane noises!), but also a very contemporary SICK BUUUURN that plays with what's happening right now (Kevin Durant!). the only question left is, when are those Air Jordan shorts coming back?

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