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This Short Film Uses The Most Awkward First Date Ever To Shut Down Casual Racism

"Traction" starts off like a typical first date and then becomes deeply uncomfortable when things get, shall we say, uncinematically racist.

WHAT: Traction, a short film exploring different levels of latent racism.

WHO: Filmmaker and actor Rory Uphold.

WHY WE CARE: "It's just a joke!" is the preferred excuse of tacky provocateurs the world over. As though whether or not one is being literal has any definitive bearing on whether they're causing offense. In the five-minute short Traction, filmmaker and actor Rory Uphold deftly uses the setting of an awkward first date to eviscerate the notion of hiding casual racism behind, "You don't think I really believe that?" Uphold does not stop there, however. Keep watching until the very end for a further comment on racial blindspots. It's a great reminder that, in a time when unabashed racism is increasingly visible, to keep a look out for your own prejudices.

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