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Did The DEA Just Stream The First 12 Minutes Of "Narcos" Season 2 On Facebook Live?

Netflix promo has some "found footage" marketing fun with livestreaming.

WHAT: A Facebook Live broadcast after DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pena "stole" the first 11 minutes of footage from the new season of Narcos and decided to livestream it.

WHO: Netflix, Alma

WHY WE CARE: As marketers still experiment with the platform, Netflix and agency Alma took advantage of Narcos existence somewhere between historical nonfiction and narrative television, to find perhaps the perfect use for Facebook Live. It's a fun, wink-wink way to tease the September 2nd drop of Narcos' season two that will get fans to ponder once again, the show's ever-present question. "Plata o plomo?"