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Hillary Clinton's Dark New Ad Connects Trump With White Supremacists

A new Clinton campaign ad sounds off on who exactly Trump's campaign is emboldening.

WHAT: A new ad against the unlikely political campaign of Donald John Trump.

WHO: The Hillary Clinton campaign.

WHY WE CARE: Just ahead of her speech about the radical fringe movement taking over Donald Trump's campaign, Hillary Clinton has just released a powerful, on-trend ad. Whether you believe that Trump himself shares views with white supremacists is irrelevant. What definitely matters, however, are facts such as David Duke and other prominent white nationalists championing Trump's campaign policies. (The infamous wall, for instance, and his heretofore un-"softening" hardline against all muslims.) Rather than disowning and condemning these endorsements, if anything, Trump has courted them, hiring Steve Bannon of notorious alt right-empowering Breitbart as his new campaign CEO. As the Alt White Means hashtag trends online today, have a look at the ad below, connecting the fringe movement to Trump's campaign.