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Sheryl Sandberg And Arianna Huffington Headline Female-Focused 2016 Advertising Week

A strong line-up of leaders and speakers are gathering for the annual industry event.

Sheryl Sandberg And Arianna Huffington

[Source Photos: Flickr users Fortune Live Media (Sandberg), and C2 Montréal (Huffington)]

When Advertising Week hits New York on September 26, the annual industry gathering boasts a strong list of female speakers and business leaders, reflecting an important shift (finally) in how brands, advertisers, and marketers are considering gender in their work.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Arianna Huffington headline a list that includes Katie Couric, Facebook exec Carolyn Everson, AT&T global marketing officer Lori Lee, Deutsch president Kim Getty, Bethenny Frankel, Rachael Ray, Meg Ryan, and more. Other top-billed speakers include Snapchat's chief strategy officer Imran Khan, Mark Cuban, Morgan Spurlock, David Droga, R/GA's Nick Law and Bob Greenberg, B. Bonin Bough, and Oscar winner Paul Haggis.

This also marks the launch of another industry awards show, but before your eyes roll into the back of your head, the D&AD Impact Awards aren't just another creative backslap, instead focusing on brand and campaign work that aims to actually make a difference in the world through diversity and equality, environmental sustainability, financial empowerment, health and wellness, and humanitarian aid.

Check out the Advertising Week New York site to see the full line-up of speakers, events, and presentations.

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