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Donald Trump Declared Himself "Mr. Brexit." The Internet Then Went To Town On Him

"They will soon be calling me MR. BREXIT!" the Republican presidential nominee tweeted this morning. Here are the best responses.

[Photo: Flickr user Richard Winchell]

Answering the question, "How can something be both unnervingly cryptic yet also hilariously cartoonish?" Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning with a real humdinger. Just one day after a highly publicized campaign shakeup, the Republican presidential nominee put this out into the world:

What does it mean? Well, almost certainly not what he intended it to mean. Unless he intended it to mean that everybody would have another patented kooky Trump-gaffe to get trending. Because that is indeed what happened. Immediately following this dispatch by a man who once had a TV show where he fired people with his children, the joke-tweets began to flood in. Some of them took the form of song lyrics, some a philosophical route; many of them were very funny. Here are some of Co.Create's favorites.

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