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Pizza Hut Serves Up A Pizza Box That's Also A Working Digital DJ Turntable

Two turntables... and a pepperoni pizza?

WHAT: A pizza box that pulls double duty as a Bluetooth-enabled digital turntable for DJs looking to make their munchies a bit musical.

WHO: Pizza Hut, Novalia

WHY WE CARE: We know that Domino's fancies itself a tech company, but here it's Pizza Hut flexing some digital whimsy of its own. It may only be available at five British Pizza Hut locations, but this is still a pretty cool gimmick. The standard pizza box is kitted out with battery-powered, Bluetooth-enabled touch-sensitive decks, a mixer, and other controllable buttons that connects to your computer or smartphone and is compatible with DJ software like Serato DJ. No word yet on just how a hearty dose of meat lovers greeze will affect the tech, but it's still a great way to get the party started in a pinch.

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