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Watch A Pro-Trump Focus Group Not Realize These Amazing Campaign Ads Are Satire

In Triumph's Summer Election Special, your favorite insult comic dog watches a focus group applaud increasingly bizarre ads.

WHAT: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's focus group session of testing fake campaign ads on real Trump supporters.

WHO: The mastermind behind Triumph, Robert Smigel.

WHY WE CARE: Back in February, Triumph's Election Special 2016 showed how well Smigel's creation was suited for this most circus-like election cycle. The special, which the comedian made with Funny or Die for Hulu, found your favorite insult comic dog berating youth voters, among its many other (dog) treats.

Now that the primaries are long over, and we are in a post-Bernie world, Triumph's Summer Election Special leans harder on Clinton and Trump. In a clip to promote the release, a focus group of real Trump supporters is asked for their feedback on a series of fake campaign ads. As Triumph watches despairingly through a two-way mirror, the group earnestly debates the merits of ideas such as all Mexicans having to wear a collar for an invisible electric border fence, in preparation for the famous Wall. The ads get ever more bonkers over the clip's 15 minutes, and the fact that they're taken seriously is equal parts funny and terrifying.

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