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This Snack Brand Is Recruiting Coders To Battle The Impending Robot Apocalypse

Halfpops has launched a new ad campaign bizarrely aimed at a super specific demographic.

WHAT: Part commercial for Halfpops popcorn snack, part recruiting video for coders to help prevent the impending robot apocalypse.

WHO: Halfpops, Humanaut

WHY WE CARE: We've seen food and snack brands target men, women, children, athletes, moms, dads, and more, but rare is the demographic as oddly specific as this. Not only does this ad make a plea to the digitally inclined, but Halfpops has put some skin in the game, promising free snacks to the best coders who test their robot-fighting skills on the brand's new site. The company is also promoting the campaign with what it says is the first-ever binary Twitter hashtag, #0110100001100001011011000110011001110000011011110111000001110011. So yeah, we're safe now, right?

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