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Quick Hit

Late-Night Roundup: Stephen Colbert Is Live From The Year 1776 With "Broad City" Stars

And get an inside look at the relaunch of Hillary Clinton, Apple style.

Live from Philly (in 1776), Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer gave their take on Hillary Clinton’s historic achievement of officially becoming the first woman nominee from a major party.

Donald Trump interrupted Conan O'Brien's monologue to explain his treasonous request for Russia to hack Clinton.

Jimmy Kimmel summoned his troop of Troompa Loompas to comment (sing?) about Trump's latest (always?) incendiary comments.

Taking a detour from politics, Will Smith went on Jimmy Fallon and raised the bar for late-night guest entrances to an impossible level.

Meanwhile, Seth Meyers acknowledged his status as a single white man who can’t tell all the jokes he wants in the pc age—so he passed the torch to two of his staff writers.

And one more thing . . . Trevor Noah does an extremely Fast Company-friendly bit where he introduces the newest version of Clinton: Hillary 8.0.

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