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Late-Night Roundup: Seth Meyers Takes On DNC Day 2, "Colbert" Gets A New Family Member

And director Guillermo del Toro will probably never allow another person in his house ever again.

Andy Richter takes a tour of horror geek Guillermo del Toro’s Bleak House, aka his actual home. If you’re wondering how someone can navigate del Toro’s packed crib of curios without breaking anything, well, you can’t.

It’s evident that Elliot needs some assistance this season on Mr. Robot—and the permanent benchwarmer of hackers "Web Cypher" is ready to answer the call.

Seth Meyers dropped an absolute gem of a movie idea. Hollywood and Meryl Streep, your move.

Last week, Stephen Colbert brought back his Colbert Report "character" Stephen Colbert, and CBS was immediately slapped on the wrist by "another company" stating that "the character of Stephen Colbert is their intellectual property." Colbert’s solution? Hire Stephen Colbert’s identical twin cousin, Stephen Colbert.