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The Most Boring YouTube Reviewer In The World Creates The Most Boring App Review Ever

Brad Hall, renowned for his boring sneaker unboxing and review videos, teams with payment app Venmo for something just as boring.

WHAT: Internet-famous boring sneaker reviewer Brad Hall adapts his signature style for payment app Venmo for an equally boring app review.

WHO: Venmo, Brad Hall, Crispin Porter+Bogusky LA

WHY WE CARE: Here we have a nice little example of taking all the best things about a quirky YouTuber and using it to a brand's advantage. Is this an incredibly boring commercial? Yes. Could they have stepped up the weird and made the irony a bit more on the nose? Of course. Would that have made this any better? Probably not. The fact the brand played this partnership with Brad Hall about as straight as they could just makes it funnier, with the only sight gag being the hints at Venmo's future as an incredibly awkward apparel brand.

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