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Rihanna Dedicated An Emotional Performance To Victims Of The Bastille Day Attack

"Tonight is the night I wish I could have experienced with my fans in Nice," the singer said.

At one point during her Tuesday night concert in Lyon, France, Rihanna transformed the stage into a giant French flag in honor of the victims of the Bastille Day attack.

"This next song I want to dedicate to the people of Nice who’ve suffered, people who’ve been traumatized, the victims and their families," she told the crowd from the blue, white, and red stage. "I want you to help me light this building up with some light."

From there, she broke into a glowing performance of her 2012 hit "Diamonds," illuminated by the audience’s flashlights, cell phones, and lighters.

According to People, the crowd "responded incredibly," with some even breaking out into "Le Marseillaise," the French national anthem.

Afterward, the singer posted an image to her Instagram of the packed stadium, writing "I’m so fortunate to have had this experience with you tonight!!! Y’all are incredibly dedicated and I cherish each of you."

Rihanna had been in Nice at the time of the attacks due to a scheduled performance, but canceled her show in light of the tragedy.

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