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Gatorade Teams With Oscar-Winning Animation Studio To Tell Usain Bolt's Origin Story

"The Boy Who Learned To Fly" is a six-minute short from the brand and Moonbot Studios.

WHAT: A six-minute animated short from Gatorade and Moonbot Studios, that chronicles the rise of the world's fastest man.

WHO: Gatorade, Moonbot Studios

WHY WE CARE: As the marketing mantra goes, if you're going to make branded content, it better be good enough that people would actually want to watch it. It sounds like common sense, but to an industry traditionally built on interruption and force-fed attention, it's no easy task.

Here, Gatorade takes that message to heart by combining a compelling story—Usain Bolt's journey to the top—with Oscar-winning animators at Moonbot Studios (whose brand work includes Chipotle's award-winning spot, "The Scarecrow") to create a fun short film that's long on entertainment, and short on logos. There's just one subtle brand mention at around the five-minute mark, with a brief cameo from a familiar green bottle, but other than that the brand stays out of it until the final credits.

It's the latest piece of Gatorade’s "For the Love of Sports" campaign that is focusing on when athletes first fall in love with sports as youngsters. Last month, the brand released a spot with the same sentiment, starring Bolt, along with Serena Williams, April Ross and Paul George.