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Oscars 2017

Our First Look At Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone In "La La Land"

From the director of Whiplash. Hopefully JK Simmons doesn't brutalize anyone.

Our First Look At Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone In "La La Land"

WHAT: The first trailer for La La Land

WHO: Damien Chazelle, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

WHY WE CARE: Director Damien Chazelle is trading in a bleeding, sobbing, savage Miles Teller for a dancing, singing, smooth operating Ryan Gosling. And it looks stunning. La La Land is Chazelle’s first feature film since his breakout Sundance hit Whiplash, the story of a young jazz drummer under the brutal tutelage of a famed conservatory instructor. Whatever your opinion is of The New Yorker’s claim that Whiplash gets jazz all wrong, it’s hard to argue against the film’s beauty and affecting drama. Chazelle returns to jazz with La La Land, a romantic musical with the empyrean, painterly look of a Terrence Malick film shot in slo-mo. If Whiplash was rushing, La La Land is dragging. And that’s not a bad thing.