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Need a Quick "Game Of Thrones" Recap? Samuel L. Jackson's Got You

There may be some more qualified than Samuel L. Jackson to walk the uninitiated through the show's six seasons, but nobody more entertaining.

Need a Quick "Game Of Thrones" Recap? Samuel L. Jackson's Got You

WHAT: Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored.

WHO: HBO, and Samuel L. Jackson.

WHY WE CARE: "Fuck those dragons!" Thus spake the voice of Nick Fury. The voice of Frozone. And the voice of whatever the key passenger in Snakes On a Plane was named. HBO has tapped Samuel L. Jackson to perform a profanity-laced walk-through on Game of Thrones in his inimitable style. It may seem insane to the world's massive population of hardcore Thrones-iacs, but there are still some out there who are uninitiated. For those folks, there could be no better guide to the twisty world of Westeros than Jackson, who may or may not be a fan of the show, but can definitely convey its intricacies in a direct and relatable way. When Jackson dismisses the show's dragons early on in his seven-minute recap, it's not for any disdain of them—it's because he has so much other stuff to get through first to be bothered with winged beasts. Even for those who know the story front to back, it's still entertaining to hear from him.