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Enjoy A Spidey Selfie From The Set Of "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

Rookie Spider-Man Tom Holland took a photo in costume while hanging around on the set of next year's hit.

Enjoy A Spidey Selfie From The Set Of "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

In the halcyon days of early 2016, the trailer for Captain America: Civil War scratched our collective nerd-itch by including a cameo from Spider-Man. Lo and behold, the freshman webslinger Tom Holland ended up being a highlight of Civil War, a film that basically played like a highlight reel. Going with a high school believable actor thrust Spider-Man back into his comic book context, and teaming him with Tony Stark provided a lot of great character beats and made sense for the story. So it is with radioactive anticipation that the world awaits Spider-Man: Homecoming, a film who's cast gets more interesting by the day. Although we're still one year out from seeing the film, Holland took a selfie from the set yesterday, apparently in the middle of some high-elevation stunt. Although the photo does not break any confidentiality clauses, it does show the underside of Spidey's wrist as he makes the web shooting/"love" sign with his hand. That wrist is wearing a mechanical webshooter. Swing to your own conclusions from there.

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