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Forget Burritos, Tiny Hamster Is Eating Cereal In A Soap Opera For French Toast Crunch

"The Tiny & the Tasty" is a bite-sized drama starring a major Internet celebrity. And dolls.

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WHAT: Tiny Hamster, made famous for eating an equally tiny burrito in 2014, stars in a mini-soap opera called "The Tiny & the Tasty" for French Toast Crunch.

WHO: General Mills, McCann New York

WHY WE CARE: Everyone loves drama. Everyone loves watching Tiny Hamster eat. Here, French Toast Crunch gives everyone what they want by continuing its "The Tiny & the Tasty" campaign with a second season of this diminutive melodrama. It's weird, it's cute, it's got Luke Perry's thumb, if we can't get these things from a sugary cereal ad then just what the sweet, sweet crunchy hell is the Internet for, anyway?