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When it comes to brand partnerships, there are winners (Taco Bell dipping a taco shell in Doritos dust and serving them up to eager consumers) and there are losers (Uber letting rando passengers control the stereo of their driver's car through Spotify). And then there are the weird ones that seem like they came about because two brand names were apparently drawn out of a hat and had to make something up. We're looking at you here, Nike x Starbucks sneakers.

The sneaker giant and the coffee retailer unveiled the Nike SB Dunk Low "Starbucks" Premium sneaker today—a classic/retro-style pair of canvas kicks with a mocha upper and kelly green piping, perfectly mimicking the colors found in the Starbucks logo. Beyond the color scheme, there is mercifully no Siren logo or other Starbucks branding, so you can wear these (pretty good-looking) shoes without looking explicitly like a Starbucks superfan. Sadly, however, you aren't given the option of customizing them with a tab on the back that misspells your name, so while the shoes look good, they miss the most unintentionally amusing part of the Starbucks experience.