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Procter & Gamble Once Again Shows How Moms Make Olympic Athletes Strong

Whether standing up to bullies or pushing them to keep trying, a strong mom can raise a strong kid.

WHAT: A Procter & Gamble ad called "Strong," continues the company’s "Thank You, Mom" Olympic campaign in anticipation of Rio 2016. Here, athletes recall the adversity they’ve faced in their lives, and the support they’ve received along the way from their mothers.

WHO: Procter & Gamble, directed by Midnight Special filmmaker Jeff Nichols

WHY WE CARE: The "Thank You, Mom" campaign has been documenting the relationship between Olympians and their mothers since 2012. "Strong" is one of the more emotionally powerful in the series, which makes sense, given director Nichols’s facility with emotional material. The ad draws a straight line from the support—sometimes in the form of a hug, sometimes a necessary push—that moms offer to their kids. Watch it, think about your own mom, and have yourself a good cry.