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Sometimes You Just Need To See Photos Of Dogs Lying Upside Down In Droopy Dog-Puddles

Relieve some of the Primary Day suspense with the help of alarmingly adorable dogs transformed by gravity into big glops of furry wrinkles.

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We've seen the majesty of wet dogs shaking themselves dry. We've seen the adorable shame of dogs dressed up as frankfurters. But for a new series, though, one dog photographer (that's a photographer of dogs; not, like, a schnoodle with a camera) is flipping the script.

Serena Hodson has figured out something most dog owners eventually come to on their own: that man's best friend is at his or her most eminently photogenic when upside-down. There's just something about pooches lying prone, from a certain angle—probably the way all their little furry folds sag under the weight of gravity into dog-puddles, that just warms the heart and renders observers post-verbal for up to five minutes at a time. Hodson's The Upside of Dogs series explores everything that back-bound canines so compelling, using a variety of dogs and a variety of angles.

Perhaps the best part of the series, aside from all those droopy fur-pockets, is seeing what dogs do with their paws when lying down. Some bend their wrists like they're begging for a treat, others lay with limbs flung out haphazardly as if trying to do the backstroke or possibly fly. You can almost picture what's going on in their sweet dog-heads, which is something along the lines of "This isn't normal but I don't hate it and also I'm hungry and tired!"

Have a look at more images from the series in the slides above and let us know in the comments what your dog does with his or her paws when upside-down.

[via My Modern Met]

Slideshow Credits: 01 / Photos: Serenah Hodson Photography;