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Steve McQueen Made A Sexed-Up Ad For Burberry

The acclaimed director has been relatively quiet lately, but he's got three minutes of new footage designed to make you really want cologne.

Steve McQueen Made A Sexed-Up Ad For Burberry

WHAT: An extended, three-minute spot for Mr. Burberry cologne, shot in 70mm, that stars two attractive young people who are having, er, a pretty fun weekend in a hotel—shot by 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen.

WHO: Steve McQueen, on behalf of Mr. Burberry, over a soundtrack of British singer Benjamin Clementine.

WHY WE CARE: McQueen is one of the most important directors working right now. His emergence with films like Hunger, Shame, and 12 Years a Slave—which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, though not a Best Director Oscar—cemented him as a crucial figure in Hollywood. But he's been pretty quiet since. There's been talk about his next film (an adaptation of the '80s British television series Widows, or maybe a biopic of Paul Robeson), outside of an unreleased short and a barely released Kanye West video, McQueen's output has been pending. While we wait, getting to see him at work—with a sexy, intense, gorgeously shot three-minute spot—is going to have to do.