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Visit A Shopping Mall Through The Eyes Of An Autistic Child

A new charity PSA tries to illustrate what being autistic feels like for some.

Visit A Shopping Mall Through The Eyes Of An Autistic Child

WHAT: A trip through a shopping mall seen through the eyes of an autistic child. As the journey progresses, the overload of sights, sounds, and smells overwhelm both child and viewer.

WHO: National Autistic Society (U.K.), Don’t Panic

WHY WE CARE: Autism seems to be becoming more and more prevalent, and yet few people have an understanding of what it might feel like for those with the condition. This film does a good job of highlighting the differences between "neuro-typical" people who have a filter between themselves and outside stimuli, and many autistic people who don’t have the same kind of filter. As the character in the film, played by autistic actor Alex Marshall, says, "I’m not naughty, I’m autistic, and I just get too much information."

The 90-second film, entitled, "Can you make it to the end?" aims to help people better understand sensory sensitivity by using an everyday, familiar setting in a way we're unused to experiencing. Next time you see a child "behaving badly" it might cause you to think twice about what it is you’re really seeing.