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Your New Favorite Instagram Asks A Very Important Question: Did They Really Rap That?

You'll never appreciate a poetic gem like "he gotta eat the booty like groceries" until you see it animated.

  • 01 /12

    "Sometimes I ask myself, do thugs cry?" -- Rick Ross, from the song "Thug Cry"

  • 02 /12

    "SKRT, SKRT, SKRT, SKRT, SKRT, SKRT, SKRT, SKRT, SKRT." -- Kodak Black, from the song "SKRT"

  • 03 /12

    "That girl been drinking all day, need to change bladders." -- The Weeknd, from the song "Often"

  • 04 /12

    "He toss my salad like his name Romaine" -- Nicki Minaj, from the song "Anaconda"

  • 05 /12

    "Get so deep in that water, water they should call my johnson a harpoon." -- Ab-Soul, from the song "Vice City"

  • 06 /12

    "I be in the kitchen cookin' pies with my baby." -- Fetty Wap, from the song "Trap Queen"

  • 07 /12

    "And when I'm at the bottom, she Hillary Rodham." -- Lil Wayne, from the song "Lollipop"

  • 08 /12

    "I'ma ride in that pussy like a stroller." -- Young Thug, from the song "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)"

  • 09 /12

    "Let's fuck up some commas." -- Future, from the song "Fuck Up Some Commas"

  • 10 /12

    "So good, she so hood--she a cheesehead, patty melt." -- Ab-Soul, from the song "Vice City"

  • 11 /12

    "I'm all over this ice cream beat like sprinkles" -- Lil Wayne, from the song "Ice Cream Paint Job"

  • 12 /12

    "I might let your boy chauffeur me, but he gotta eat the booty like groceries" -- Jhené Aiko, From the song "Post To Be"

WHO: @didtheyreallyrapthat
WHAT: Your new favorite Instagram account
WHY WE CARE: Rappers seem to have a relentless penchant for slipping some of the most utterly inane lyrics known to man into their songs. Maybe we’re too busy grinding heavy on the beat to notice (or to care), but if you isolate some of these lyrics, in or out of context, you really will wonder, "Did they really rap that?"