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Sure, Why Not? Now You Can Watch Danny Trejo Eat Tacos In Virtual Reality

WHAT: Now you can experience what it's like to spend your lunch with Danny Trejo through the magic of virtual reality. Yep, the grim, stone-faced star of Machete, Con Air, and more stepped into the world of 360 video, and he's—well, he's just eating tacos, and occasionally washing them down with a drink, over the course of three minutes.

WHO: The video was filmed by InFilm 360 off of a concept by Northern Media Solutions, at Trejo's Tacos in LA.

WHY WE CARE: Mankind has been dreaming of the potential for virtual reality for decades now, fantasizing about the worlds within worlds we could create, conquer, rebuild, and immerse ourselves in. The breathtaking, life-changing ability to experience the unimaginable as if we ourselves are there has been a tantalizing prospect for technology for at least a generation. So the fact that any rando can, from the comfort of their own living room, virtually sit across from Danny Trejo as he chows down on a couple of tacos, is the promise of that once-distant future finally fulfilled.