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The Most Legendarily Bad Oscar Looks, Recreated By Dogs

Are you not entertained?

  • <p>Angelina Jolie's famous power-stance dress...</p>
  • <p>Costume designer Lizzy Gardiner's credit card ensemble...</p>
  • <p>Lara Flynn Boyle's infamous tutu look...</p>
  • <p>Country singer Faith Hill's rainbow dress...</p>
  • <p>Who can forget the Bjork swan?</p>
  • <p>Diane Keaton's gender mash-up suit...</p>
  • 01 /06

    Angelina Jolie's famous power-stance dress...

  • 02 /06

    Costume designer Lizzy Gardiner's credit card ensemble...

  • 03 /06

    Lara Flynn Boyle's infamous tutu look...

  • 04 /06

    Country singer Faith Hill's rainbow dress...

  • 05 /06

    Who can forget the Bjork swan?

  • 06 /06

    Diane Keaton's gender mash-up suit...

We live in a divisive culture, but there are a few things that everybody loves. The Oscars might not be on that list (especially this year), but mocking celebrity fashion faux pas definitely is. So, too, are dogs dressed up in costumes. And while those two things may not seem like an intuitive match, the folks over at—which aims to be the Airbnb of petsitters—found a way to combine those mutual crowd-pleasing topics into one delicious, here's-a-dachschund-dressed-in-Bjork's-swan-dress sandwich.

The images—and the accompanying time-lapsed making-of video—captures a wide range of the more famous, less loved Academy Award red carpet looks. Thrill to the vision of Angelina Jolie's leg-heavy 2012 outfit when it's adorning the body of an adorable Boston Terrier! Revisit Diane Keaton's dramatic Buster Keaton (no relation) from the 2004 awards on a sweet little scamp named Bowser! Remember the year that costume designer Lizzy Gardiner let the world know she exists by wearing a dress made of American Express cards—by seeing that same dress recreated on a border terrier! All of this is very silly, of course—but it's only about 20% sillier than the original outfits, so go ahead and enjoy.