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This Bodypaint Artist Is Taking Superhero Cosplay To Intricate New Levels

She creates intricate, creepily accurate bodypaint versions of everyone from Spider-Man to Thanos, guaranteed to destroy Comic Con.

  • <p>Artist Kay Pike as Marvel's Lady Deadpool</p>
  • <p> the villainous Nebula, from <em>Guardians of the Galaxy</em></p>
  • <p> Marvel's Dr. Doom and Skeletor from <em>He-Man and the Masters of the Universe</em></p>
  • <p> alien overlord Frieza from the anime series <em>Dragon Ball</em></p>
  • 01 /12

    Artist Kay Pike as Marvel's Lady Deadpool

  • 02 /12 Batman's boy wonder sidekick, Robin.

  • 03 /12 the villainous Nebula, from Guardians of the Galaxy

  • 04 /12 Marvel's Dr. Doom and Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

  • 05 /12 alien overlord Frieza from the anime series Dragon Ball

  • 06 /12 DC Comics baddie Poison Ivy

  • 07 /12 Marvel villain Thanos

  • 08 /12 Bizarro Supergirl

  • 09 /12 Spider-Man

  • 10 /12 both zombie "Black Lantern" Batman and Two-Face from DC Comics

  • 11 /12 Marvel's She-Hulk

  • 12 /12 DC Comics heroine Starfire

Heidi Klum should be very worried. The entrepreneurial cosplay queen may rule Halloween every year, but when it comes to superheroes, one Canadian artist goes even harder in the paint.

Rather than constructing an entire costume—Klum used a prosthetics team for her elaborate Jessica Rabbit in 2015, for instance— Canadian artist Kay Pike uses body paint to turn her face and upper torso into a work of graphic novel art. Inspired by Lianne Moseley, whose gleaming superhero paint jobs went viral recently, Pike spent the last year honing her craft. The style she landed on owes an obvious debt to Moseley's work, but wisely leaves out her signature crosshatch etchings.

What's more, Pike is giving curious cosplayers insight into her process by being completely transparent. On outlets like Instagram and the streaming site, Twitch, Pike frequently posts videos of how she paints herself to look like Thanos, Poison Ivy, Lady Deadpool, and more, showing excerpts of her up-to-10-hour sessions. That kind of commitment may not be easy, but one thing's for sure: Pike is going to destroy Comic Con this year.

Have a look at more of Pike's work in the slides above.

[via Bored Panda]

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