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The First Teaser For "Daredevil" Season 2 Promises Some Punishing Television

The not-so-subtle recap puts the second season's big bad front and center.

The First Teaser For "Daredevil" Season 2 Promises Some Punishing Television

Netflix's Daredevil was one of the powerhouse TV series of 2015—a slow-burning, brutal story that gave us the first street-level glimpse of a Marvel Cinematic Universe that's been developing in grandiose ways on movie theater screens for nearly a decade. But when its first season ended in a way that seemed to close the door on the character's signature villain—at least for a while—the question of how to follow up the struggle between Daredevil and the Kingpin in season two was at the fore (nobody wants to watch a season of television where Matt Murdock puts on a red suit to fight The Jester). The announcement that the season two villain would be the Punisher—a character who originated as a villain, but over 30 years of comics and three movies of his own, became a nominal hero—quelled a lot of those questions.

In the first teaser for Daredevil's second season, we don't yet get a glimpse of Jon Bernthal as the skull-wearing vigilante, but we do get the lines laid out clearly. After a recap of the first season that draws on the recurring use of Catholic imagery in telling a story about a guy who beats people up dressed as the devil—tracing the beats of the first season and laying out Matt Murdock's role as a lawyer by day, vigilante by night—the camera pulls back and we get the other image that's clearly going to define season two: a big, bone-white skull staring us straight in the face, before a whole bunch of bullets start flying through the windows of a church. Daredevil season two will be released on Netflix on March 18 (not, as previously rumored, March 25), a week before another major media property about two competing kinds of vigilante drops—and setting up the arc as a battle between two competing kinds of vigilante has a lot of potential.