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This Lego Color Chart Contains Every Color Lego That Exists

There are over 180 distinct colors in the Lego rainbow and they're all here.

This Lego Color Chart Contains Every Color Lego That Exists

The point of The Lego Movie was that these minifigures shouldn't have a set order, but rather each individual should arrange them in any creatively chaotic fashion of his or her choosing. Now, one big Lego fan has just meticulously arranged his pieces in a way that honors the brand's commitment to letting users express their individuality.

Jeremy Moody had to chase down a lot of disparate elements to cobble together the definitive Lego color chart, which is like the Pantone color chart, but slightly geekier. There are 182 different pieces in all, each with its own unique color. While some of them may look similar, Moody has distinguished between the 'lime green' and the 'pastel green' to show off the entire range of colors Lego fans can use—key information for collectors. After all, it's important to know your palette before you set out to make your masterpiece.

[via Geekologie]

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