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This New Japanese "Star Wars VII" Trailer Is In English And Has So Much Fresh Footage

It's like the people at Disney just knew we'd end up seeing it somehow.

Anyone who hasn't made up their mind about whether they'll see the new Star Wars movie yet is as indecisive as someone who, this time next year, will still be on the fence about presidential candidates. At this point, you simply must know, and finding out new information seems beside the point. However, that hasn't stopped Disney from issuing a brand new Japanese trailer for Star Wars that plays in English and features so much fresh footage.

Fresh off the heels of the second official trailer—which sort of felt like the 15th?—comes our latest glimpse into the galaxy far, far away. Rather than describe in painstaking detail every new frame included here, let's just say that this trailer is robot-heavy, features beautiful shots of tie-fighters against the sun, and has at least one deadly-close encounter between our hero and Rylo Ken. At this point, it's like they're not even trying to convince us to go see The Force Awakens, but rather antagonizing us because it is impossible for us to see it right now. Oh, cruel Abrams: Why do you mock us?

The pain stops on December 18.