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Here's What Happened When a Guy Put His Failures Up Front In a Job-Hunting Experiment

In a bold new experiment, the Ogilvy creative who came up with The Relevant Resume sends out a failure-filled CV to some potential employers.

Here's What Happened When a Guy Put His Failures Up Front In a Job-Hunting Experiment

A warts-and-all approach to job hunting sounds dubious, but it's something Jeff Scardino is passionate about. He advocated for mostly-warts self-disclosure earlier this year on his website, The Relevant Resume, and now he's putting his money where his CV is.

In his new video, A Relevant Experiment, the Ogilvy and Mather creative goes a step further than advocating by actually sending his own wart-flecked resume out into the world for a number of jobs including senior writer at a blog. (As a control group, he also sends out some standard resumes.) Just as he advises on the website, Scardino includes a lot of details that others less bold might obscure, with the idea that getting his flaws out in the open is a more honest and ultimately helpful tactic. Although the resume flashes by the screen pretty quickly, viewers will still see that for his under graduate information, he claims to have "dated a free-spirited girl who ruined my junior year," and for Non-Skills he mentions that he doesn't take the best notes in meetings but looks like he does because he's drawing. Yikes.

The radical transparency appears to pay off, however. Scardino tells us that he picked job openings that were intriguing to him (it was an experiment, not an actual job search) and got one response and zero meeting requests for the old version vs. eight responses and five meeting requests for the updated "relevant" res. Definitely something to consider next time the question of your greatest weakness comes up in an interview and you have to decide how honest to be.