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YouTube Gets In On The Branded Pride Parade With #ProudToLove Compilation

YouTube celebrates its role in helping people through the coming out process.

YouTube Gets In On The Branded Pride Parade With #ProudToLove Compilation

It seems like everybody this week is in on the "make a tearjerking video about gay rights" parade. And YouTube is not about to be left out. The video sharing site launched its "#ProudToLove" short this morning, celebrating both San Francisco's Pride Celebration and the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling.

Where other videos and short films are drawn from documentary-style stories told by people whose lives have changed by the relatively recent wave of gay acceptance that led to today's historic decision, YouTube's is decidedly YouTube-ish. It's built around a collection of videos that LGBT users of the site have uploaded, including videos that played a huge role in their actual coming-out processes.

It opens with YouTube star and Project Runway judge Ingrid Nilsenher coming-out video from earlier this month, and continues with vloggers like Connor Franta, Troye Sivan, and Benji Choi doing the same. The video also includes the "T" portion of LGBT, with videos uploaded to the site featuring Laverne Cox and Janet Mock. But the most touching part of the video is the clips of less-famous people using the platform to tell not just a fanbase who they really are, but the people they love. Like the "Dad, I'm gay, will you still love me" video of Air Force serviceman Randy Phillips coming out to his dad on the phone after the repeal of Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell that helped shape the conversation around the contentious policy. YouTube has been a part of the transition in how gay people are seen and treated, and on a day like today, that makes a video like this a worthy document.