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Bill Nye The Science Guy Launches A New Web Series With GE On Emoji Science

The new program also includes Emoji Science curriculum with the National Science Foundation.

Bill Nye The Science Guy Launches A New Web Series With GE On Emoji Science

Last December, General Electric introduced its Emoji Table of Experiments, wherein the company teamed with Science Guy Bill Nye to run a pop-up experiment lab, taking emoji sent from Snapchat fans and sending back fun science experiment videos in return.

Based on the response, the brand is now expanding its emoji science program with an interactive version of the Table of Experiments, as well as a new Bill Nye web series. The new five-part series #EmojiScience will air on the EmojiScience site throughout the year and hit on topics like energy efficiency, mapping the mind, and materials science, in which recent discoveries show serious potential to impact the world. In the first episode on May 4, Nye talks about Star Wars, holograms, and just how far light technology has come.

Also part of the action is an emoji science curriculum for students developed by GE with the National Science Foundation. Starting in August, teachers and parents can download five lesson plans, with information and activities based on emoji and real science, aiming to help explain science to kids in a relatable way.

See, Mom and Dad, emoji are about so much more than thumbs up, cry face, turd texts. It's about science! (And turd texts.)

UPDATE: In the original post, based on information from GE it was reported the lesson plans were developed with The National Science Teachers Association. However, the NSTA was consulted but not officially signed on as a lesson plan partner.