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These Faux Shows Made Of Stock Footage Could Be Real Shows

You've seen it all before, which makes this reel pretty funny.

These Faux Shows Made Of Stock Footage Could Be Real Shows

Think network television is dead? You may be one of those super-sophisticates who only watches HBO and Netflix originals, but stock footage company Dissolve. (Yes, the company behind Generic Brand Video and the Like Hunter game) is betting that most of us are still eager for the cliches of prime time.) Dissolve has created a reel of (imaginary) 2015 TV hits, which demonstrates just how creative and amusing generic footage can be when fashioned into satire.

TV execs "leaked us this exclusive preview reel, featuring generic genres, tried-and-true tropes, stereotypical characters, and can’t-miss casting," explains Dissolve on its Vimeo page. "We smell syndication!"

The lineup includes Gritty Police Drama starring "Former '90s Heartthrob," Quirky Roommate Sitcom starring "Smart Guy Who's Dumb at Dating," and Talk Show Where Women Argue Loudly. This show, of course, stars Reality Show Runner-up and Ethnically Ambiguous Actress. There's also Gritty Police Drama: Another Big City starring "The Guy Who Use to Be in the Other One" alongside "That Rapper Our Son Liked." From the generic city shots to the character archetypes to the music, you'd think you were actually watching CBS or Fox. The "same old, same old" may never be new, but it can be surprisingly funny.